Barry Svigals

Managing Partner, Svigals + Partners, LLP

Barry Svigals is the founding Principal of Svigals + Partners, a 30 person architecture + art firm based in New Haven, Connecticut. He has written and spoken widely on the healing potential of architecture that includes biophilic design.

After graduating from Yale and gathering experience in the U.S. and abroad, Barry launched Svigals + Partners, aiming to be of service in the world. He began to cultivate an environment where creativity and imagination might serve human needs in the broadest sense. This gradually became the creative community which currently brings their projects to life.

Barry always has been interested in unlocking the creativity of those with whom he works: collaborators, clients, contractors and communities. Realizing that the built environment was the end result of a collaborative process of creative engagement, his mantra became: "How we are is what it becomes." He believes that our ability to communicate freely, respond sincerely and participate actively are essential to marrying making with meaning. This approach brings to life an architecture that is uniquely connected to the purpose, place and people for whom it is created. Most importantly, it empowers those who inhabit these places to become more sensitive to how they live and express that life more fully.