Green Schools Catalyst Journal launches March 20

Published on: 
Monday, March 20, 2017
Anisa Heming

On March 20, the Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly Journal launches. The new education journal is a publication of the Green Schools National Network (GSNN), with the support of several partner organizations.

Do you know where the green schools movement began? How far back should we look, and how deep are the roots? That’s where GSNN's journal, the Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly (GSCQ), starts the story in their very first issue. Authors from schools, school districts, nonprofits and academia give different perspectives on the origin of the effort to improve the environmental impact, health and wellness and student sustainability literacy in our nation’s schools.

The journal is the first peer-reviewed digital magazine dedicated to the advancement of green, healthy, sustainable K–12 schools. GSCQ highlights evidence-based practices; explores topics in depth, including qualitative and quantitative research; and presents columns that report on emergent issues.

Green Schools Conference and Expo attendees will be celebrating the journal’s launch at a party hosted by GSNN on the evening before the conference kicks off. The party features an auction to benefit both the journal and scholarships to next year’s conference, and a specialty “catalyst” cocktail is being served. The auction features mountain-themed excursions and equipment, getting ready for next year’s conference—location to be announced!

Visit the Green Schools National Network to learn more and download your free copy of the journal. GSCQ is also available to download from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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